• Thai cuisine

    Thai cuisines are well-known for its spiciness as the dishes are prepared with strong aromatic components. Apart from spices and aromas, the chefs also add the ingredients with medicinal benefits that make them look fit and energetic. They care more about the cuisine’s appearance, taste, smell, and context that lays the specialty of Thailand. The secret of Thai’s cuisines being more delicious and famous is that the chefs add five flavors sour, sweet, salty, bitter, spicy, and sweet in a balanced way. In the early morning, Thai people used to have Tom Yum Goong, a sour and spicy food often paired with an omelet or rice. Rice is the most stable food eaten with meals for breakfast as well even for lunch, dinner, and dessert. Since rice is Thailand’s most cultivated crop among other food crops. White noodles are one of the most common dishes of Thailand as it is fried or grilled and served along with rice mixed with all spicy and taste ingredients to have a delicious cuisine ever. Every region of Thailand prepares cuisines in different styles with medicinal and spicy ingredients. Thai desserts are prepared in both traditional as well as in western fare that includes ice creams and cakes.!

Thai Cuisine and prices

Restaurant Name Menu Price Home Delivery Hours
Banana Leaf Restaurant Tom Yum Gung $19.99 yes 11AM-9.30PM
Arhan Isan Rot Det Restaurant Gang Som Pak Ruam $12 yes 11AM-10PM
Poi-sien Restaurant Gang Keow Wan $18.38 Yes 10AM-10PM
Baan Ajarn Restaurant Gang Massaman $18.95 Yes 11AM-11PM
Kun Su Restaurant Gai Pad Pongali $12.90 Yes 11AM-9PM
Larb Yasothorn Restaurant Jim Jum $24 No 4PM-4AM
Hua Seng Hong Restaurant Kao Na Phet $7.20 No 11AM-10PM
Ta Bun Tum Moo Dad Diew $21.00 Yes 12PM-9PM